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Nov 27, 2010

Close Comfort

She was alone, cold to the bone,
Empty and pretending to be busy
To avoid pity from the girls of the city
Who saw her tucked in the corner

Because she felt empty, almost hollow,
With a strange kind of sorrow
And though she tried to rationalize
Her actions, explanations felt like lies.

So he went to her, with his unawares,
And he lit up her night,
He offered her his jacket
Because she was shivering in fright
Of who she was changing into,
Of who she was turning into.

And with his soothing conversation
With his warmth by her side,
They talked through the play and the fireworks,
And he her troubles set aside.

It proved to her that sometimes
All you need is sympathy,
Or just a change of subject to distract
You from the pain of empathy.


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