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Nov 22, 2010

To Be a Girl of 16

The only thing that makes me sleep at night,
Is knowing that I will see you tomorrow;
Your presence is a drug to my soul,
Without it, I melt into sorrow...
And my heart leaps at the sight of your face
I don't know if anyone's ever told you
But you're beautiful;
And a smile plants itself on my lips
When we're together,
For it feels wonderful!

I question whether this is what love feels like
But I'm scared to find out the answer;
If we were paired for a Masquerade, in masks,
I'd fear the lilt in my gait should you be my dancer;
They glorify love-
And they say it rarely happens,
And they say that when you find love in another,
Approach it while it beckons;

But I could never love you openly,
For I'd leave our foundation in ruins
I'd be sacrificing us the way we are now,
I'd be a lone mouse and you the bruins;

And thus I, just a child in my heart,
Must carry on in silence,
I must supress the joy
That pools out of me with violence-
For I lose myself in your laugh,
And I drown in our contact,
I'm a prey to your charm,
And this infatuation is intact,

And so I love you from afar,
From distance, from near,
You're always in my heart,
If I should let anything slip, oh, I fear.
I love you in silence, the contents of my safe
To which the combination I don't know to date.


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