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Jun 8, 2010

13) The End

Where there is light,
There is hope,
There is a will and there is a way.
When time is infinity
There is patience
There is finality, there is a last day.
Though grains of sand take time to fall,
Though the wind takes time to blow,
There is always an end
For which you pray.

The fruits of patience and labour are the sweetest,
The oceans of time spent waiting are the deepest
And there is always an end in sight,
The light at the end of the tunnel is bright.

For months, I've been waiting, patient,
Longing to taste the glucose of success
But fate has toyed with my sanity
It has poured on me hopelessness in excess;
Waiting doesn't seem so bad
When there is a life to live, lessons to learn,
But when the saccharine saturation point is felt,
There is every pen to throw, every book to burn.

Freedom is close-
So tangible, I can taste it,
So velvety, I can feel it,
So prominent that it runs through my veins;
If I reach out, I can touch its wispy tendrils
And entwine them around my fingers.
There is still hope for me,
Where a silent warrior lingers.


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