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Mar 27, 2010

30) No Smiles for A While

I'm defined solely by my wide smiles,
But I haven't been happy for miles and miles,
Driving down this road is tiring me,
Don't want to keep up the smiling scene.

I don't know if it's her who's not gonna be here
Tomorrow to hold my hand as I cry,
Or him who's gonna be wreathed in hurt
Asking himself "why, why, why"?

Or is it you? Who's simple words make me shy,
The melody I hear kissing your round lips,
The beauty you frame through letters
Gives a woman definite eyes and shapely hips.

Or is it just me? I've been staring at too many things at one time,
And the motion just pierces my eyes, I'm sick of seeing lies,
Visions burst, cloud my sight, thoughts cloud my mind,
I embrace relaxation, and though I deserve none, the bond I bind.

Too much in this world of mine,
I can't reply that I'm just fine,
There' is too much happening in too little time,
Confusion truly seems like a crime.


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