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Jan 18, 2010

5) Don't Cry Tears

Though I'm smiling,
When he bids me farewell,
A life without him well,
I'm crying.
Though I'm smiling,
When he ends my world,
Leaves me when I'm being whirled,
I'm crying.

Oh no you don't see my weep,
You just see my grinning face,
Telling you what you did, wasn't a waste.
You just see my smile,
Like I accept what you do,
But no one sees me cry....

Because I don't cry tears,
I don't let myself weep,
Even though I hurt myself so deep.
I don't cry, I don't cry tears,
There's just death and hope leaking from my eyes,
And I still seem so wise.

You see me smile,
You see me laugh,
You see me accept your wish like it isn't breaking my heart,
You see me jump,
You see me hug,
You see me ready to let the world fall apart,
But I'm crying, though you don't see,
I've run out of tears...
I'm crying and only I know,
Because all you see me is leaking air from my eyes.

Tears are gone,
No more song,
And all you see me do is smile.
But I cry,
Tearless I sigh,
Wondering if I'll make it through a while.


Anonymous said...

Oh that's soooooo sad! It makes you think about the times you've ever done that and all the time you told something or did something to someone that you thought would upset them but they just smiled and said ok, thats fine, etc. Sometimes happiness can be the most convincing and devestating disguise for pain.

~Dimka and Roza 4eva~

Anonymous said...

YAY! You fixed it! I can comment now! You're a genius! (wow I'm using a lot of exclamation points...)

~Dimka and Roza 4eva~

Aishwarya Swan-Cullen said...

Lol, your excitement is startling! Lol, it wasn't much of fixing; I just disabled word verification [which I refuse to believe I had on!]

Yes, I've based the poem on the fact that sometimes you do things without truly knowing how people will feel about it, and even if they smile, if you take a real picture, they're crying blood from their eyes. Not tears - no, they run out of tears - but blood. The elixir of existence. You tear them apart and all they do is smile.

Happiness is the more devastating disguise for pain. For someone you want to be happy, you can't cry. You need to look away. But that's your OWN release, what about the acceptance the one seeking your advice needs? For that, happiness. It is a disguise. It's a clever disguise.

Ash xx

Anonymous said...

Too true!

~Dimka and Roza 4eva~

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