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May 21, 2010

7) Wanton

Ice on sensually scorching skin,
Whispering the sizzles of love for our sin
Though nobody knows, it feels as if the world stares
At my back and understands that nothing compares.

The curves, contours of heaving
Smooth skin blown warm by my breath
Tattoo my mind as I fall asleep,
Your skin on mine, intensity bound to be bequeath.

Arms caging my torso demandingly
Asking for what I can certainly give;
I succumb to the pull of promiscuity
This is a choice for which I live,

Palms exploring the depressions and mountains
Of landscapes much too small to be the work of God
But are as pious, are as heavenly, given to me,
The circles of beauty, triangulated by a rod-

Escaping into the caves of illusions
Into the warmth and comfort of sheets and skin
Leaving me breathless under my closed eyes and open mouth
Your smile shimmers like electroplated tin.

Cold water douses my heart, stabbing my daydreams;
Still enriched in the sensual coating of warmth and heat
It's all been a dream, I beg you to bring it true,
You already have me bowed over your feet.

In and out of addiction, I wander
These are decisions I'm forced to ponder over
I already want you to take me,
I will happy the day you take me to be
With you.


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