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May 15, 2010

6) June

Sun rays on skin, scalding, scorching,
The heat of north prevails
And the swimming pools are afresh with joy,
Under the sun do the homeless wail-
Heat haze that blurs the lines of vision
That sets ablaze the flesh of arms,
Melting the tar that holds the road
Leaving empty, burning farms-

And the cool winter swells
That lick ice upon the feet of beachgoers
In the south, where the sleet is here
And the lakes are devoid of eager rowers-
Children chastised to bundle up more
And the people wander sipping coffee
Watching ice on the needles of a pine
Melt like it were English toffee.

And an equinox on the equator
The heat one one side, the cold on another
Houses enjoying the pleasant weather
Familier intact- father, mother, brother.
In the north, the summer houses are many and full
Families apart where no interruption can push or pull-
In the south, shelter is needed and people are apart
Children switching from divorced mother to father, more the art;

The heat and the cold at war again-
And happiness borne by equinoxes-
Hovering between extremeties
June-caused externalities
That time of year is here
Where it's either as hot as hell
Or as cold as the world is old.


Janet said...

Hey Ashy! Thanks so much...(: I'm putting this into the mag, and I promise I'll include you wrote it and stuff (duh, lol)

Aishwarya Swan-Cullen said...

You're welcome Janet...hope it satisfies what you were looking for. Is this for the Hogs mag? Cuz that's supercool xD Yeah, as long as you cite that it's mine, I'm fine with it

Ash xx

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