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May 1, 2010

4) Thunderclaps, Night Sky

Claps of thunder
Rolling like atolls on the sea
Across the moon-drenched sky,
And I can't help but wonder why....

Dark clouds twist into shapes
Silhouetted black in the light
Omens flashing across the day sky,
And I wonder why...

The rain tattooes the carapace
Which shatters at the paranormal force,
Like a curtain of life and chaos both
Trees cower in sheer remorse,
And I hide in the building,
Not permitted to follow the drops
That hammer over the window
And land in puddles with innocent plops.

If I could come and go like the rain,
If I could hide like the moon, I would,
If I could show the world my dark skies
And prove that be the best I could.
If I could be so sudden yet so discrete,
And like the rolling thunder sweep your feet...
Regret filling me, the sight of the changing sky,
And I ask myself why I do cry.


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