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Mar 3, 2013

Streets at Night

Think of yourself as a figure on a street -
Dressed smartly to combat the wind
With a brisk stride to get home faster
The silence of night is deafening.

Streetlights illuminate your path
But there is a stretch 
An awkward distance between their circles of light
Where the darkness almost consumes you.

It's in the midst of that darkness
That the heart decides to beat faster
Breath decides to come shorter
And swear starts to ooze from the pores.

There are shadows everywhere;
Houses with strange noises and bursts of noise
Hallucinations of footsteps and bad intentions
But in the light they seem to fade.

Every now and then, there's a shorted streetlight
And the darkness stretches to what seems like an infinite distance
An untraversable river of unpredictability
But you walk because running would be admitting you are scared.

But what happens if you feel a hand on your shoulder?
Or there isn't a streetlight for miles to guide your path?
Or the shadows become unnatural and mobile?
Or the the noises become deafening?
Or you lose yourself to the racing heartbeat, short breath and bullets of sweat?

There's something about those shadows and those hallucinations
And those stretches where the light dims
That evoke a feeling of doom so powerful and so potent
The slightest trigger could set you screaming.


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