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Feb 27, 2012

Happy Birthday SB :)

I saw the soaring eagles
In her somber, subdued eyes
Because she spun clothes with strings of faith
Even when she was surrounded by lies.

I saw the murky depths
Of the darkness in her heart;
Even though her smile was bright,
Their artificial nature pierced one like a dart.

I saw the golden glow in her raven mane
A halo visible to those who watched closely
Because she'd leave beauteous happiness
On those who would tend to walk morosely.

I heard the melody in her words,
A ballad of balmy characteristic,
She has a habit of giving you security
When you're tortured by worries mystic.

Your words to me preserved in a diary
I'll keep forever locked in my mind
So when the need arises for me to my wipe pathetic tears,
Comfort will I in your words find.

Congrats on becoming official legal, Sue! I'll never forget how much you've helped me, and all of the crazy conversations we've ever had! 


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