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Jun 26, 2011

Advice to Myself

She may tell you that she hates you
And it may lance the fullness of your heart
But she doesn't know what hate really is,
Or what is life is like when love does depart.
She may rant incessantly, for hours, for days,
But don't listen to it, don't try to understand it-
If her mind is riddled with unsolvable problems
Stay quiet until she finds the inner peace to quit.
Her eyes are clouded with rage, but she only sees red
Beyond the colour, there is no reason she can derive,
And if she finds the occasional reason in her head,
It's lack of practicality, for her, is hard to view live.

So tell yourself, as young as you are,
That she's a fragile ball of emotion
And let silence be her comfort,
Let your empathy set her smile in motion.


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