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Feb 25, 2012

Why Do All Good Things Come to an End?

Young to old,
Cherished to sold,
Logs of wood to fire,
Satisfaction to desire,
Lovers to friends,
New beginnings to new ends,
Happiness to sorrow,
Today to tomorrow.

This endless loop, this shattering blow,
This fluorescent desire that seems to glow;
This urge for happiness, crushed with passion
Brutally demolished in such a cruel fashion
Your eyes are open to this decrepit sight;
You can't win against it, not even can you fight.

Plagued by laughter, by the nuances of friendship
By the thought of those you were joint to by hip,
By the grass green and the sun pale yellow,
By the cool mountain wind that carries your bellow,
By cherished memories that fade to grey
By opportunities that walk away.

A sitting duck --- in limbo, stuck,
Running out of veritable luck,
Holding back tears that threaten to descend,
For all good things will come to an end.


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