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Feb 6, 2012

Oh, Look. Utopia.

The visions I see, the visions I feel,
Why must they be tinged with fantasy,
And leave me reckless?

They leave me helpless,
A newborn calf standing on her toothpick legs.
Why must I have to taste the flavourless dregs?

Those daydreams take away from me
All semblance of reality
I wake up to a utopia so doctored.

Though behind my eyes, I see a perfect world
In reality, it's laced with famine and disease,
More holes than Swiss cheese.

But in the mountains where the buttery sunlight reigns,
In the sorrowful heart which happiness feigns,
Amidst a field of tulips,
Red, yellow and blue;

In the holy water that runs through rivers deep,
In the fertile soil within which the aromatic rain seeps,
In the eyes of a winner,
Eyes hazel and true...

I pleasure in such a fantasy;
But when faced with such happiness in reality,
Enriched with the belief
I have found utopia.
Under our feet.


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